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Madis Lehtmets

Designer, UX expert, Coder, Product person, Startup enthusiast, DIY Hobbyist, …

I am currently located in Tartu, Estonia. Working on several startup projects and helping others. Until the end of September 2018 I worked as UX designer in, in Amsterdam HQ. Before I was mainly consulting various startups and new product ventures in Estonia as the UX specialist. Latest and biggest of them being Smart-ID app which also got silver at the Estonian Design Awards 2017 (ADC*Estonia) in User Experience category. Before that, I had design jobs in various companies (check LinkedIn for more). Over the years and amongst many amazing projects I have had the opportunity to work with some big Estonian and international names like Telia, Maanteeamet, Omniva, Smart-ID, Big bank, Jimmy Joy, VitalFields, Tebo, and SaleMove.

I have a wide experience in design. Starting from all kinds of digital interfaces like mobile apps, web services and websites to less digital fields like branding, packaging, and print. As interface and experience designer I also have strong skills in coding. I love CSS (read: SCSS), I'm highly experienced in HTML, I can do some JS and survive a bit of PHP. In terms of coding and sharing the environment with developers the most enjoyable setups have been around vue, react and angular. For many shallow reason I like vue and angular more in terms of how you write HTML & CSS.

I'm a craft person. I really love my job and various DIY hobbies. Is it wooden furniture, craft beer or the next coolest mobile app in the world, creating something new (or creating new value instead of moving it from one place to another) with my own hands just makes me happy.

Let's grab a coffee: +372 5624 1163